Intensive Outpatient Services Program

Population Served

Adults (ages 18+) who meet ASAM criteria for the 2.1 Level of Care

Program Overview

Our Purpose

ICOS’s primary purpose is to identify at-risk individuals in the community and provide quality services, which are designed to develop adults with substance abuse disorders and individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health diagnoses into healthy and functionally independent citizens and to maintain individuals at home and in their community.

The community-based Intensive Outpatient Program will provide comprehensive assessments, short-term and solution-focused group and individual counseling to strengthen recovery, interpersonal and communication skills building to promote independence, medication management and health and safety monitoring. Additionally, ICOS will provide service coordination with other substance abuse, mental and physical health service providers as well as community resources to support stability and independence.

Services will be provided to adults ages 18 and older who reside in the greater Richmond area who are diagnosed with substance abuse disorders or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Individuals are encouraged to maximize their potential through clinically sound practices and individualized service plans allowing addressing psychiatric deficiencies, ICOS Intensive Outpatient staff work diligently with clients, community partners and outpatient providers to encourage personal enhancement of skills to prevent substance abuse relapse and the risk of out-of-home placements.

Our Mission

ICOS Intensive Outpatient Program’s goal is to assist individuals with substance abuse disorders and/or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnoses to function independently in the community through recovery support, symptom management, consistent medication management compliance, coping skills building and compliance with coordinating agencies in the community. Through developing strategies to improve coping skills related to recovery in combination with service coordination, ICOS strives to support clients in achieving independence in coordinating their substance abuse treatment, mental health, physical health, and safety needs so as to prevent psychiatric hospitalization, homelessness or out of home placement.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to support individuals in maximizing their functional independence in the community.

2.1 Level of Care Criteria

  • lMinimal risk of severe withdrawal
  • lNo significant medical complications or conditions
  • lEmotional, behavioral and cognitive conditions of mild severity that require monitoring
  • lHas ambivalence or lacks awareness for behavioral health, requires structured programming multiple days/week
  • lIntensification of addiction or mental health symptoms that have a high severity level
  • lIndividual’s recovery environment is not supportive

Services Provided

  • lClinical assessments to identify treatment needs
  • lCreate custom service plans to address needs
  • lStructured individualized treatment
  • lIndividual, family, and/or group psychotherapy
  • lPsycho-pharmacological consultation
  • lAddiction medication management
  • l24-hour emergency services
  • lOccupational and recreational therapy to inspire change
  • lService Coordination providing clients with resources